PlusFour Solutions: Guidance through Assessment

About PlusFour Solutions

PlusFour Solutions, under the direction of Dr. Steve Newton, is an organization whose focus is the assessment of individuals and families. Using the latest scientific instruments combined with current training, Dr. Newton will evaluate you, your family, or child/teen.

The evaluative process can be helpful in a variety of circumstances:

Because Dr. Newton specializes in testing, he remains current with the most recent trends, instruments, and diagnostic procedures. Dr. Newton has worked in this field for over twenty-five years, and he coordinates treatment with the most competent professionals throughout the Bay Area. Dr. Newton focuses only on assessment, and conducts more assessments each month than most professionals conduct in a year.

Dr. Newton works with school age children as well as with adults of all ages to understand and diagnose problems related to school, work, or relationships and families.

Test data will be presented to parents and school professionals using the PlusFour Report System. This report style provides comprehensive test data in a report format that is widely recognized as the leader in written and digital presentations. While many psychological reports are little more than lists of test data with dry narrative, the PlusFour Report System utilizes cutting edge technology to present meaningful data with charts, graphs, digital photographs, and strategic use of color. The result is a useful report that is dynamic and highly informative.

The goal at PlusFour Solutions is to tailor the assessment process to the unique needs relative to the child and his or her family. Dr. Steve Newton specializes in working with individuals of all ages from elementary through graduate school and beyond. He utilizes the most current test instruments to assess individuals. Test instruments are chosen to be developmentally age appropriate. There is no “cookie-cutter” or generic process at PlusFour Solutions because no set of procedures fits all students.

Assessments are tailored to the individual needs of each student or individual and provide targeted data with which to make informed decisions and placements. A full battery of psychological testing may not be necessary, and only those assessment procedures pertinent to your situation will be implemented. No PlusFour clinician will suggest that you commit the important resources of time and money to an evaluation that is not necessary. The hallmark of a PlusFour assessment is the personal attention, time, and care put into each phase of the process. We receive no financial consideration for the referral of an individual, student, or family to another professional or organization. We make referrals based on clinical necessity and best match of services to the needs of a child.

Please note that Dr. Shawn McCall is no longer practicing at PlusFour Solutions. If you would like to contact Dr. McCall, he can be phoned at 415.263.9930. His current locations are:
55 New Montgomery St., Suite 420 – San Francisco, CA 94133
and 417 Tasso St. – Palo Alto, CA 94133